Now we got Annes blog online!
Anne is a model who works with our Zolexmodels department. She’s published in magazines and seen on TV from various events and shows. And now she contacted us to have a personal blog that she can control 100% her self, tired of various “free” blogsystems where the rules and designes change all the time.

And where there is banners and adverts without her own control poping up in her pages. Also testing the App for her smartphone so that she can post info and images wherever she is with her phone directly on the spot 🙂

Anne selected our package deal where she got her blog adress as a subdomains to our server to lower the costs, but at the same time have 100% control over her site and pages, adding her own afiliates if she like. Her blog site address is
If she in the future wants her own web URL like ‘’ it’s possible to change it without moving anything 🙂

Contact us if you are interested in a blog with 100% control over the design and pages 🙂

// Zolexdomains crew