Where to begin?

Step 1

First step is to decide what you need!?
1) What type of visitors/customers do you have?
2) What does your visitors/customers want from your site, why are they there?
3) We devide sites in four main categories:

  • Blog site.
  • Portfolio site.
  • Business presentation & info site.
  • Web Shop site (selling/shipping physical items).
  • Shop site selling digital downloads (pdf, movies, mp3 etc).
  • Member site with secure content, different levels/access, selling digital content.

And of cource it can be combinations of all these categories. What categories are you interested in?

Step 2

Then when we have the info more or less sorted out, we present a web solution that we know will work best for your needs. We work with several different CMS (content management system) depending on what functions and needs your site have.


Step 3

We put togeather a list/specification of what functions you want on your site. The amount of pages/info etc.


Step 4

And then we look at the site design that you want. There is lots of different “themes” and looks to start out from, the we always customise the site to your profile, with your logos and colours etc so it matches your other materials and brands etc.

Sound interesting?

Then feel free to Contact us for more information!